According to Cosmo, here are 12 UNEXPECTED THINGS MEN FIND SEXY:

1. Casual stretching. Stretching is any guy's kryptonite. There's something very flattering about a woman loosening up her muscles.

2. Sweat. You might think sweat is gross, but guys love it! Ladies, we don't sweat...we GLOW!

3. Jiggling. As unflattering as all your jiggly bits might feel to you, men really appreciate a body in motion. Jiggle it!

4. Women getting mad. There is zero scientific explanation as to why men love an angry woman. 

5. Messy, unkempt hair. There might be a lot of effort that goes into your hairstyle, but there's something innately sexy about looking like a hot mess.

6. Shooting guns. Men love things that are destructive and loud. They love women. This is a match made in heaven.

Oh and um #12 is not so unexpected right?! haha
photo credit: pixabay