You know when you read a book...and you picture what all the characters look like in your head...then you see the're so excited that the day has finally come...and at the end of the movie, you are either so so happy or very disappointed? That was me with the wedding.

7 months ago I pictured how I wanted my wedding to look. The flowers...the vases...the plates, napkins, and linens...all of it. Ok fine I will be honest, my vision started way more than 7 months ago. I have been dreaming about this day for a long long time. Annnd now I am getting a little teary while writing this. Pardon me while I grab a tissue.

Yesterday was our flower, sample table, and tasting day. I remember when so many months ago A Dominick EventsRidgewells, and Edge Flowers came to my house. They sat on my couch and took notes on my vision. I remember that day thinking "how is this going to work?" I know they are all crazy talented, but how can they bring my vision to life just by my super vague and, sometimes nonsensical, ideas.

When I walked into Ridgewells yesterday to meet everyone...I felt it. That feeling when I knew it was the right wedding dress...that feeling when I knew Matt was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with...that was what I felt when I saw my sample table and flower arrangements. Guys, your eyes may roll...and ladies yours may too...but yesterday it felt real. They completely saw my vision and brought it to life perfectly. The food...the flowers...all of it told the story of us. So when I get stressed with the details or am not getting the love and support I had hoped for, I just need to remember that feeling of seeing the room...trying on the dress..and falling in love with Matt all over again.

Oh, and obviously I can't show what the tables look like just 2 months you will see!

Any suggestions for me to remember on the wedding day? Would love your advice :)


xoxo Aly


photo credit: Aly