I have been fortunate enough with my job to meet a lot of really fun celebrities (minus Vanessa Carlton...but I will save that for another blog)...and normally I can totally play it cool (except when I met Joey Fatone and Ruben Studdard. I will save those stories for a happy hour)...but Friday night was a different story.

How I Met Ted.

First off, Matt  and I are big HIMYM fans. I remember on our second date he asked if I had seen the most recent episode at the time...I smiled and nodded with really no clue as to what he was talking about. That night, I saw there were a couple of episodes back to back and I was immediately sucked in! 

Whether its SLAPS-GIVING or ROBIN SPARKLES, the crew have become our Monday night family and even take precedence over...wait for it....THE BACHELOR.

Friday night I was in NYC for a birthday dinner. We went to Balthazar  for some oysters and martinis. I was in a booth with 4 friends and lucky enough to be facing the ever revolving door. As I am scooping some horseradish on a delectable oyster I looked up and there he was....TED. Now look, I know it is rude to call him Ted because his name is ...wait for it I need to google...Josh. But I can't help it...I was in NYC where HIMYM takes place! It was like I was straight out of an episode! And actually my behavior towards him was definitely a combination between OH HONEY and JEANETTE THE STALKER. 

I could tell my friends were absolutely horrified...and the bro Ted was with was looking at me like I was a crazy person. The look was well deserved. My friend Rachel finally turned to me and said "Aly, we are going up there and you are meeting Ted." I took a big gulp of my martini and headed up to the bar with some liquid courage. 

As I was walking to the bar- Ted was called for a table....he turned around and we bumped into each other. He gave me the TED SMILE and my jaw dropped and I forgot to blink. My friend goes "I am sorry...My friend is a huge fan and she is so wanting to meet you. She works on a country radio station." I was still speechless as he put his arm around me to smile for a pic. He could tell how nervous I was...or felt my back sweat...one of the two (sexy, I know)...and turned to me to say "I like Kacey Musgraves!" I smiled and made some sort of noise acknowledging that was cool. Ted said bye and that was that. It was...LEGEN...wait for it...DARY.



Photo credit: my amazing friend Rachel