Practically everyone was taken by surprise to hear of the sudden death of comic genius Robin Williams. All of Hollywood was in shock.

There were earlier signals that Robin was struggling with demons, which apparently haunted him since the start of his illustrious career. Robin frequently joked that before getting sober in the '80s, he was “on everything but rollerskates.”

It appears in recent years that he was a deeply troubled man... after decades of making us laugh.

During the week of Fourth of July, Robin’s spokesperson announced he’d entered a rehab facility in Minnesota to “fine-tune his sobriety” following years of a heavy workload. His team has now come clean with additional info that Robin was suffering from a dark depression.

Based on the typical 28-day stay, he would’ve been released from Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center only a week or so ago.

His crowded filming schedule was due to another issue hanging over him: Robin Williams was tens of millions of dollars in debt. His ex-wives were owed alimony. Robin joked that divorce is no different than “ripping your heart out through your wallet.”

Returning to TV after 32 years on the now-canceled The Crazy Ones was all about the steady paycheck.

We should use his tragic passing as a way to raise awareness for mental illness. No one should suffer through the dark alone.

The Angles:

  • Netflix selections include The Fisher King, World's Greatest Dad, Hook, Popeye, Jumanji, and The Birdcage
  • At the start of the year, Williams put on the market his 650-acre Napa Valley vineyard estate. The $30 million asking price was to help with his cash-flow problems.
  • Just how overworked was he? Later this year, four new films starring Robin Williams will be released.

photo credit: getty images