This gave me chills.

 As I am getting closer to saying "I do," (39 days) I am really feeling the pressure to look a certain way. I had a girlfriend at dinner say to me, "wait, so you're not starving yourself? I totally would but that's because I have been dreaming about my wedding day forever." Just because I like my steak and froyo does not mean I have not been wanting this moment since I used to marry Barbie and Ken. It just means I want to be happy and healthy on my walk down the aisle. I love food and I love wine and I don't at all feel guilty about that.

Don't get me wrong, I have been eating healthier and challenging myself at the gym  since Matt put a ring on it, but honestly this has been something I have wanted to do for MYSELF for awhile. I am a snackaholic and a stress eater like whoa so learning to eat in moderation has been a true life change. Laying off some dairy has actually helped my skin.... And branching out from my normal run on the treadmill has made workouts more fulfilling and fun. But if someone offers me froyo with cookie dough on top, well I am not going to turn it down.

Seeing this music video made me think of what Matt said to me when we were talking about crazy bride diets. He said, "don't you want to look like YOU on your wedding day? Don't you want to see your wedding pictures years from now and still see yourself?"  

I just love how Colbie uses her music to encourage women to do just themselves.