I remember when my 23 year old friend called and told me she had Cancer. I felt like it was some sick joke. Cancer? She is so young...kind...sweet...intelligent...genuine... Well Cancer could give two S%$@! about any of that. Seeing what my friend went through was heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.  She was constantly poked and prodded at...spent hours at chemo...but did it all in such a powerful "I'm going to kick Cancers butt" kind of way.

She is now 29 and in remission. She lives with her boyfriend and dog Blue :) She wears a scar that doesn't remind her of the chemo...or the pain...but it symbolizes the strength and power she had to fight and win.

I am so proud to call Amanda my friend.

Here is a video she made after a couple months into remission. She used her story to inspire others...like she does for me every day. 


I am sharing her journey with you because Amanda has not only inspired me, but she has inspired me to help others and to raise awareness for this awful disease. I am  involved with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society...an organization that has truly done amazing work.

In honor of Amanda, I am hosting their Light The Night Walk. I would so appreciate any monetary donation. Donate in honor of someone who has been affected...or donate in honor of your healthy loved ones. Every dollar counts and will come from a place of love.

To donate: http://pages.lightthenight.org/nca/Reston14/987WMZQAlyJacobs

 photo credit: aly