Dressing up as your favorite 90's pop culture icon is all the rage this year...and we absolutely love it!!

  • Cher from Clueless: Plaid skirt,
    knee-highs, mary-jane heels, and a little black backpack. Add an old clunky cell phone and sing "rolling with the homies" and you've got costume gold!
  • Angela Chase from My So Called Life: This
    is all about grunge. Think over-sized flannel layered over a loose
    fitting floral dress and opaque tights. Add combat boots and a red JanSport backpack, and, if you want to really get into characte,r some temporary red hair dye!
  • The Spice Girls: Awesome group costume for a bunch of girlfriends.
  • Your favorite 90210 (the original) character: Have your guys tag along as Dylan and Brandon!
  • The Saved By the Bell Cast: Don't fight over Screech! (Shine)

photo credit: getty images