Billy Ray Cyrus thinks a dose of nature will help Justin Bieber overcome his run-ins with the law and has offered his Tennessee spread as a place of sanctuary.

Billy says, "I do care about him a lot … [Bieber] and his dad, if he wanted to bring him, should meet me down at my farm in Tennessee. We should go up to the teepee, all of us have a couple of four-wheelers, build a big bonfire, watch the hawks and the deer and the turkey, refocus a little bit."

He adds, "Sometimes getting back to nature can do that … I look back and [think of] Michael Jackson. I wanted so bad to reach out to Michael … become his friend and maybe be something in his life. But sometimes you just stand back and you just watch these things happen."

Justin was arrested in Miami Beach on January 23rd for drag racing a Lamborghini under the influence on a residential street. On Friday, federal authorities detained Biebs at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport to investigate "a strong pot odor" on his private jet.

Billy Ray has had a history of helping out artists in need. He once offered Blake Shelton comfort right before Blake's first major awards show performance.

photo credit: getty images