Family is extremely important to me. Regardless of our silly fights or busy schedules, we all show unconditional love and make time for each other on a daily basis. Even if it is
just a quick 5 minute phone call, saying “hi” and “I love you” matters. I have
always valued family, but it wasn’t until this past Christmas with my fiancé
when I realized that my family was growing.

Christmas at Matt’s has definitely become one of my favorite times of year. We fill up on ham and cheesy onions while listening to beautiful holiday acapella, then roll over to
the living room, food coma and all, and watch a Christmas movie before heading
to Church.  After we toast with some Makers Mark and melt into bed! The next morning is filled with cookie decorating, delicious apple pie (courtesy of Matt’s Uncle), and Christmas presents by the fire.

Matt’s parents are always wonderfully generous with gifts…but one present by far was one I will never forget. They handed me a box that was the weight of my pup izzy and I ripped it open like a child (no really, that is how I open presents and envelopes…into
thousands of little pieces). Inside were bottles of tequila and other ingredients with a laminated note that said “Our Family’s Famous Margarita Recipe.”

I immediately started crying. So many emotions took over….not only did this present remind me that next year Matt and I will be married, but I also felt truly and officially welcomed into his family. It seems silly- a Margarita recipe- but they are AMAZINGLY
DELICIOUS and it was just such a thoughtful gift with that unconditional
family-feel behind it. The gift reminded me of how far I have come…how
happy my life has become…and how lucky I am to have Matt and his family in my
life. Definitely a Christmas I will never forget.

Ok now who wants some Margaritas?


photo credit: Aly Jacobs