A new survey by Siteopia.com reveals the best names for husbands and wives if you want a lasting marriage.

You know how sometimes — when he forgets (again) to pick up more diapers or can't remember the playdate you've had scheduled for months — you wonder if you married the right man. Well, maybe you should have thought a little harder about what his name says about him.

The new study claims your hubby's first name can determine if he'd make a good husband or not.

10 best wife names:
1. Katie
2. Sophie
3. Louise
4. Sarah
5. Emily
6. Charlotte
7. Elizabeth
8. Amy
9. Jessica
10. Lucy

10 best husband names:
1. David
2. Andrew
3. Daniel
4. Paul
5. John
6. William
7. Simon
8. James
9. Chris
10. Stephen

photo credit: shutterstock