It's funny, since becoming a Dad 14 months ago, the days of spending a long weekend getaway in Mexico or skiing seem to be over. For instance, this past weekend was spent on the road 5 & 1/2 hours one way-And with a toddler that's a translation for "Making frequent stops feeding and changing"!


I must admit, I've now gotten pretty good at changing Crosby's diaper in the seat of our car-I wonder if there's some kind of competition for that?!


However, the moment that stopped me in my tracks was taking him to the  park where he experienced the chance to go down a slide for the first time. It didn't hit me until I saw the thrill on his face in the moment of take-off. His smile was ear to ear, his hair flowing crazy thanks to the wind made it even more entertaining!




Just another simple moment Crosby got to feel for the first time & I as a parent, was lucky enough to witness. It's good to be a Dad! Thanks for reading-More next week! :-)