When I started here at WMZQ a couple months ago, it was so nice to immediately see a familiar face! Chilli Amar (from Wash FM Morning Show) and I have worked together for 10 years now- and as soon as I walked through the doors here, she made it feel like home! She showed me the ropes...introduced me to everyone...and made being the "newbie" pretty easy. From breakups to engagements to weddings, Chilli and I have seen each other go through a lot of BIG life moments...and I am so excited to see her embark on another new chapter: BECOMING A MOM!

Yes Chilli is a little over 8 months pregnant and it has been so cool to see her grow ....not only physically with that awesome prego belly, but mentally and emotionally too. She is so ready to be a mom! From how much advice she has given me over the years, I know she will do a kick booty job at motherhood!

Please join me and celebrate MOM-TO-BE Chilli with a BABY SHOWER!

All the info is here- I can't wait to see you and celebrate this exciting time!