A love story of a man fighting for our country overseas and his fiance' proving love has no distance!

WMZQ Family,

I wanted to take the time today to write to you about a special friend of mine, Vince Scannelli & his adventures as a doll. Vince is in the army, and was deployed to Afghanistan back in Dec. 2012. Prior to his deployment he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kristen, who has been my best friend since 4th grade. Of course she said yes, but the time they had to share this engagement was short, as his duty called just a week after she became his fiancé.

When Vince left for Afghanistan, my home became Kristen’s second home in Ashburn, VA. We were able to send a few messages here and there to Vince, but they were limited.

Vince is the type of guy who is always giving and thinking of others before himself. There was so much he was looking forward to doing in 2013 with his new fiancé, especially all the summer country concerts we attend yearly, however, he could not do any of it. Instead, being the type of guy he is, Vince surprised Kristen and I, and bought us the Mega Ticket! Knowing he couldn’t be there, he didn’t want us to miss out!

Before the concerts began, Kristen and I purchased an Army doll and placed a picture of Vince as the face of the doll. We took him to every concert at Jiffy Lube and made sure we documented it. We promised Vince he wouldn’t miss out and he didn’t! (See the pictures attached). After each concert, we would send these pictures to Vince to show him how much fun he had, how thankful we were and to help keep his spirits up.

Vince returned from Afghanistan on September 14, 2013 receiving a purple heart and a bronze star. The day he returned was when Jason Aldean was in town. You can bet we went with posters and hugs and tears to Dulles Airport to pick him up and then straight to tailgating at Jiffy Lube. He was exhausted, but happy to be home and happy to hear some great country music.

Kristen and Vince planned their wedding to be held on June 14th, 2014 at UMD Alumni Center (they’re both 2011 UMD Graduates), but since being home from Afghanistan, finding a decent paying job has been difficult for Vince, so sadly their wedding has to be postponed until 2015.

They have been talking about the summer series for months now, and I would LOVE to surprise them with tickets this year!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoy the Vince doll Mega Ticket adventure pics! Have a wonderful day. God bless.

Heather Heartley

Safety First!                                                     Having way too much fun at WMZQ Fest! 

:) - Brad Paisley Concert

I was sharing a nice cold drink on that hot summer day! & Cornhole Champ!

Yummm Corn on the cob!                             Tim McGraw Concert

Vince does not like the smell of the porta pots!! – Blake Shelton Time :)

Toby Keith and Kip Moore Concert (Me on left, Kristen and Vince doll on Right) 

He made friends everywhere we went! 

Vince doll is in the middle tailgating with a bunch of new & old friends! 

VINCE RETURNS!!!! Sept. 14, 2013

Shortly After the airport pickup.... at Jason Aldean! 

(Photo Credit: Heather Heartley)