What's worse than a trip to the DMV? If you're a guy, holiday shopping. A recent survey by the National Retail Federation found that 78% of men think holiday shopping is more stressful than going to the DMV. Even more shocking, though, is the fact that even though men would rather stand in line with multiple forms of ID and renew their licenses, more guys hit the malls and brick and mortar stores to get their gifts than women do. Women tend to do more online holiday shopping. You would think it's the complete opposite, right?

According to the survey, ladies are doing the majority of their gift shopping online, but it's the guys that take better advantage of online discounts and savings. Men tend to do more online deal-based shopping than women do. More men go shopping online during major retail discount days: Thanksgiving Day (78% of men vs. 55% of women), Black Friday (82% vs. 51%) and Cyber Monday (83% vs. 52%).

This is probably because women shop with the incentive to get it done in a timely fashion – probably because they are juggling all the other holiday responsibilities – and men can take their time and find the gift they want to get at the best possible price! Men also do a lot of browsing before buying, which is probably why they are more likely to brave the crowds and hit the stores to get their last minute shopping done. (HuffingtonPost)


photo credit: getty images