“So have you set a date yet?” “Do you know where it is going to be?” “I hope you take it all in before you start planning.” “Focus on the two of you but when is it and where?” “Wait so did you decide if you are going to have bridesmaids?”

That is what happens within 24 hours of getting engaged…and the reason why I turned into a crazy nut job (because being crazy on a daily basis just isn’t enough!) Ok fine, I went all girl interrupted due to my own anxieties, but I can also blame those who love me unconditionally right? RIGHT? Hello? : Awkward silence:

So after I screamed “Is this for real? YES!” when Matt got down on one knee, we celebrated with friends, champagne, fireball shots, and plenty of “I love you’s.” As the night came to an end, Matt and I both decided we would enjoy our weekend together before answering any where-when-who questions…that weekend took forever to end…I am sure Matt felt the same way ;)

I “patiently” waited until Monday…and by “patiently” I mean that I was REALLY chill during the day because at night wedding planning thoughts were sprinting through my head….did not sleep a wink!..I did pick out my linens though!

I was ready for Monday…maybe a little too ready. I texted, e-mailed, called, tweeted, facebooked, myspaced, even sent a telegram to Matt asking about our wedding budget. I put the need in needy…the “WHOA” in crazy… if this was a first date he would have changed his number and identity. I hate when people say “calm down”….but let me tell you, I needed to CALM THE $%@! DOWN! I was too excited. Sure it’s great to be so happy but for the sanity of me, myself, and my patient fiancé, I should have eased into it…and I should NOT have done all this nagging while he was at work.

Tuesday would be better I told myself….or so I thought. I waited until Matt got out of work – which was 9pm….and he had not eaten dinner. Hungry Matt=scary Matt. Knowing all of this I still thought I would bring up the “W” word…but this time, in a more breezy, casual, and passive aggressive way.

Matt called me on his way home like he lovingly does every night….and then the zilla started. I will spare you the details but it involved him saying he was starving and me responding with “so people are saying we should really have a venue booked.” Yeah it wasn’t great.

Tuesday night into Wednesday something happened…I was able to breathe and see the bigger picture; the picture of Matt becoming my husband. That and I think I was so tired that I was finally able to SLEEP! Wednesday I woke up a new person…a new bride…ready to plan in a sane non zilla way! I went ahead and made appointments and sent google invites to Matt. He loved it. We were finally on the same page.

I am sure we will have at least one more hiccup along the way to saying “I do.”….Matt and I are figuring all this out together- and it feels pretty great. Plus, I have all of you to let me vent and to keep me sane

Stay tuned for WEEK 2: KICKING THE ZILLA OUT and Bringing a Wedding Planner in!

photo credit: aly