After my WEEK 1 lunatic moment, Matt and I decided that we needed to bring in some help. Aimee and Lauren from A.Dominick Events came to the rescue with a celebratory glass of wine (ok fine, 2 glasses) and a schedule of venues to visit! I suddenly could catch my breath. Between my 2am alarm, moving into a house that needs renovating, the wedding, and my need for the gym to keep sane…I have been feeling like I am running in 1000 different directions- and I am TERRIBLE with directions! No really, I have to Google my way home from work every day…Anyways, so hiring a wedding planner (who will probably double as my therapist) was a must!

Right before Matt and I walked in to meet Aimee and Lauren, he turned to me and said something that still makes me cry just thinking about it. He held my hands and said he wants me to be happy…he wants to give me the wedding I have always dreamt of having…to have my fairytale. Little does he know that this wedding will be Hello Kitty themed…kiddddiing. He truly is wonderful.

Visiting venues is such a funny and awkward experience. The people who gave us tours always asked the same questions that I had no clue how to answer “What do you see when you look at our space?” ummmm a room with questionable carpeting and ugly chairs? “How does our space make you feel?” ummm warm?? Friendly? So where did you say the bars would be again?  

It has been 2 days and 5 venues and I am so so so excited to say that Matt and I have found a place to say "I do!" Believe it or not, it was the first and only venue we saw together. It is not anywhere close to being traditional...but it is totally US. I can't wait. More details on that coming let the planning begin!

photo credit: Aly