Even if you “accidentally” leave your Amazon wishlist open on your computer for your wife or girlfriend to see, there’s a chance she’ll still get you something you don’t want for Christmas.

According to the New York Post, here are some of the worst holiday presents women get men:

  • Any clothing, especially ties – Unfortunately, women pick out clothing that THEY want to see you in, not clothes that you actually want to wear.
  • Grilling equipment – This is the male equivalent of buying a woman a blender. “Here … use this the next time you make me some food.”
  • A watch – 20 years ago, this would have been a great gift. These days, glancing at your phone tells you the time.
  • A DVD set of a TV show – Guys have Netflix and computers – and don’t like clutter. DVDs take up space that doesn’t need to be taken up.
  • Couples mani-pedi – Save the spa days for yourself and your friends.

photo credit: shutterstock