According to Scientists at Loughborough University, drinking coffee and combining it with a 2-30 minute nap can maximize alertness-Researchers have found that drinking caffeine and then taking a 20 minute nap exploits a loophole in how the brain processes sleep and caffeine.  Read more about the study here and let us know if you happen to try it!


How to take a coffee nap:

It's not rocket science, but there is a method to coffee napping.

  • Drink coffee, or another caffeinated drink.
  • One key is to drink it quickly so there is a longer window of time before it reaches your brain.
  • Gulping down hot coffee may be difficult, so iced coffee is always a good option.
  • When the coffee is gone, try immediately to sleep.
  • Even if you're not able to sleep, resting or reaching a half-sleeping stage is good.
  • Wake up after 20 minutes. Any longer and you risk getting into deeper stages of sleep, which can leave you more tired.