So yesterday Boxer and I went to lunch before our weekly staff meeting. It's always nice to get out of the office and catch up...but this time I was too distracted to engage in any sort of conversation.

We both ordered soup...and Boxer asked the waitress for extra crackers. I thought to myself "oh perfect! love soup with crackers." The very sweet waitress brought out a dozen packets of crackers...2 crackers per packet...yes 24 crackers.

And yes I had to capture the moment to share with you:

Within seconds, Boxer had all 12 packets open and all 24 crackers crunched up in his soup! Don't get me wrong, love a good saltine...but my gosh! I couldn't even see the chicken or the noodles...or the soup itself! After his first bite he said "THIS IS DELICIOUS!" well, at least I think that's what he said...couldn't tell with all the dry saltines in his mouth!

The things ya learn about your co-workers :) Wait until he see's me drink pickle juice.

photo credit: Aly