You don't think Kim Kardashian just buys clothes off the rack, do you?  Of course not. She has a professional tailor on retainer to make all her clothes look perfect on her famous booty.

Kim reportedly employs a 35-year-old tailor named Cornelius Clay, who makes five grand a day, to make sure that her jeans can fit around her backside. Yes, you heard right … $5,000 ... a day! Imagine how good your rear could look if you had a professional tailor at your beck and call to make all your clothes fit you flawlessly!

Kimye is apparently a size 4 waist and a ... wait for it ... size 10 butt – so she has to buy all her clothes much bigger so she can get her curves into them. Cornelius then comes in to cinch her digs in all the right places so she looks perfectly curvy!

Cornelius was discovered when he happened to run into Kanye West at Barneys while he was a 19-year-old art student. Whatever he was wearing, Kanye must have been impressed, because he not only stopped him to admire his style, but they exchanged email addresses, and the rest is history. 

photo credit: getty images