Would you be shocked to learn that your high school kid was being asked about your political affiliation? How about your household income? Your religion?

While at least a couple of parents alerted media company The Blaze of a survey given to sophomore students at Poolesville High School in Montgomery County, the school system initially denied such a survey existed. The parents claim the survey, which asked (among other things) the students to identify their parents' political affiliations, was posted on edline (the electronic portal for students, teachers, and parents) and later scrubbed after inquiries were made. Eventually the school district's public information officer confirmed the existence of the survey and it's removal from edline. The official said it was an anonymous survey exclusively for the students in the Advanced Placement government course, that the questionnaire was put together by students, and completely voluntary. However, parents insist that the students weren't given the option of opting-out, and the survey was put together by teachers and given as an assignment. Additionally, since students accessed the survey by logging into the edline portal, the system would be able to identify the answers with the individual students.

The complete survey can be accessed at the link above.