A man from Fulton County, Georgia, had to appear in court recently to answer for a traffic citation. His car had been totaled, and he didn't have the money to pay for a taxi or a bus. Afraid not showing up for court might result in a warrant for his arrest, "James" started walking the 29 miles towards Atlanta at 1 a.m. to make sure he showed up on time. He walked all night in sub-freezing temperatures (as low as 6 degrees that night), took care of the traffic ticket, and started out on his return walk home!

Police officer Andy Blimline would have none of that. He and a couple of fellow officers called a cab and paid the $80 fare themselves so James not only had a ride home, but a warm one, too. By the way, James' court-appointed public defender didn't show up for the court date. Perhaps he had car trouble.