I have a big place in my heart for anyone who goes out of the way to help others.

Bobby Bones who starts Monday morning on WMZQ has been behind #PimpinJoy week. Just trying to spread some positive energy in what can be a very negative world that we live in these days. 

Every day, it's the same thing; Nations at war, politicians fighting, violence everywhere you look. That is what you see if you watch the tv news. But is that REALLY what is going on in our day to day lives?  

Bobby tells me that Amy, who you'll meet when the show starts Monday, has been dealing with a sick mom who was diagnosed with Cancer three years ago. In an effort to keep her spirit up, they started tweeting positive vibes and love for Joy who wanted that to be her contribution to others. One thing led to another.

The idea of spreading joy for one day on the radio caught fire with Country artists and people within the radio station and quickly it became "#PimpinJoy week. "

So many Country artists joined Bobby to help spread this word this week. Take a look here.  http://www.wmzq.com/cc-common/bobbybonesshow/


Now the theme song has really started taking off. It's already made the iTunes most downloaded chart of hits this week! Here's the video. Bet you'll love it!- Michael j