Boxer got to visit with Brantley at his house and high school. I thought that was all really cool but I had another idea in mind.

When I heard Brantley was getting his boys together to take a Harley ride all the way from Georgia to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, I had to ask.

"Brantley, I've got a Harley. My dad and grandfather were vets. Mind if I ride along with y'all. Brantley said "Long as You can keep up, you're in!"  Hot damn, I've got a feeling this is going to be unforgettable.

It's all to support Folds of Honor, an incredible charity that supports the family members of injured and fallen troops. The funds help them continue with education to support the ones left behind. Find out more here.

Apparently, with his new album out, Brantley is getting lots of other questions too. Check out his answers below.