Once again this year a champion in the Bayside Mustang Club's Loudest Exhausted competition was declared.

This year though we took it up a notch with help from Audioconnections.com.

They monitored the ear splitting decibels from each contestant with official audio equipment and helped to award Roy and his rockin' stang the champ with over 142 dbs of rumble. That's louder than a jet engine btw. Mustang owner Vu won the loudest audio and Special Forces Master Sargent Anthony Paulino Sr. took 'Best in Show for his incredible 2011 Super Snake customized by Shelby and documented as #1 of 1.

that car was especially created for one of our bravest who served 6 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Anthony told me that this car was his dream while fighting oversees and he promised himself if he ever got home this would be his reward.

Thank you for your service , Sir and congrats on a beautiful car.

Check out all of the great pictures. 

We are already making plans for next year. The first weekend in August! Put it on your calendar now!