So I got the news that I was nominated for A CMA Award myself this morning as Darius Rucker was announcing all of the Country Stars names.


In addition to recognizing all of your favorite Country stars, the Country Music Association also selects a handful of Country radio personalities for CMA awards too.



Major Market


  • Donna Valentine, Mike Mussman, Patrick Knight , K102 Wakeup Crew , KEEY/Minneapolis
  • Laurie DeYoung, Mark Williams, Jeff St. Pierre, Claire Scattergood ,  Laurie DeYoung Show,  WPOC/Baltimore
  • Michael J. Stuehler , The Michael J Show , WMZQ/Washington
  • Paul Schadt, Meg Butterly, Geof Knight,   Paul Schadt & Meg In The Morning,  WKKT/Charlotte
  • Tim Tuttle, Kevin Kline, Erica Rico , The Q Morning Zoo , KKBQ/Houston
  • Mark Razz , Razz On The Radio ,WXTU/Philadelphia. 


Sweet words from Brad Paisley!