Tim McGraw was joined by video director Shawn Drake to answer questions along with the World Premier of the music video for "Highway Don't Care."

Tim revealed his 16 year old daughter, Gracie, who just got her driver's license was the inspiration for the story magnifying the risks of teenage distracted driving and the danger of texting behind the wheel.

At 19:15 into this 30 minute Premier Special video, Tim is asked about teenage driving and breaks down for a moment thinking about his girls! Sweet moment.

Toby Knapp, who djs the afternoon show on Hot 99.5 down the hall was even blasting this song in his studio today! Click on his post here------- http://tiny.cc/17lqww

Toby, I am issuing you a challenge! The real meaning and purpose of "Highway Don't Care" is to cut down on Teen-age Distracted Driving." I've started a online petition and I am hoping to get as many people in the DMV to agree to practice hands free only, text-less, both hands on the wheel un-distracted driving!

Will you join me and get your listeners to sign up too?

Proms, grad parties, weddings and all that happens this time of year, it's time to keep the FOCUS behind the wheel.

Now it's YOUR chance to make a difference. CLICK HERE http://tiny.cc/xl2oww and PLEDGE to practice SAFE, UNDISTRACTED, CELL PHONE FREE and TEXTING FREE Driving!!!!


Want to watch the completed video again? Here it is below as a finished product. I bet you'll agree, it was very well done by all involved!


"Highway Don't Care"