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7 Seemingly Harmless Things We Should Stop Saying to Kids


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We all wanna raise our little ones to be the most confident kids we can. So why do we say such damaging things to them without even realizing it?

Here are some things we say to our precious angels that we may want to consider curbing ...

  • "You're so smart!" "You're so pretty!" "You're so cute!" – We think we're building them up, but studies show we're really instilling a massive fear of failure if they don't continue to meet our smart/cute/pretty expectations.
  • "You're being a bad boy right now!"  – We shouldn't call them bad people just because they're exhibiting bad behavior.
  • "Don't cry." – Boys cry. People cry. Kids cry. It's OK.
  • "HURRY!" – Unless your house is on fire (or some other such emergency), if you're pressuring your kid to not take his time to take in the world, you're being kind of a bully. GET THE WHOLE LIST YAHOO

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