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A Note Of Thanks To Dierks Bentley.


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Thank you for taking your time to talk to me today, and thank you again for your time at WMZQ, it a great country station to call home. I would really appreciate you passing this message on to Dierks Bentley.




            I would like to thank you for your patriotism at WMZQ Fest, it has a lasting impression. I also thought the "2nd Stage" that you went to was a great idea. Had a great view from the lawn & my girl and I really enjoy the quality of your music live. When I was riding into WMZQ Fest I erected an American Flag on a 8 foot poll on the back of my jacked up Wrangler. Rolling into the parking lot with it waving and music blasting was awesome. The last song you played, dedicating it to the troops was awesome. I personally really appreciate it because as of tomorrow (21 May) I am shipping off to Field Training (our basic training for Air Force ROTC). It was a great way to end your concert, and as I returned to my Jeep I noticed that someone had stollen my American Flag. I cannot tell you why someone would do such a thing. 

            I also Hold On; My dad gave me that flag when I was about 3 years old. It has been with me everywhere I have been, and through everything I have been through. Although it was just a flag, it too had a history with me. I just wanted to thank you because from tomorrow until 13 June, I will only have that last song you sang as my last thing to hold on to of the good ol' Red White and Blue and home. So thank you very much for doing that. 

Very Respectfully

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