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Paul Donovan

The Official Rules For Calling "SHOTGUN"!


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So whether you're planning a road trip or you're heading to WMZQ FEST, if passengers are coming along these are the EXACT rules for calling 'Shotgun'.

1.  You must be outdoors and have visual of the car (not required for driver)

2.  You must be ready to ride (don't call it then go back and get your shoes on)

3.  If simultaneous 'Shotguns' are announced then the first person to touch the handle of the passenger side door wins.

4.  Once shotgun for front seat is called then shotgun for rear left and right positions can be called.  The slowest person gets the middle seat.

5.  The shotgun rider must remain awake for the duration of the journey and engage the driver in conversation to keep them alert/awake.

The rest of the rules are HERE



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