The date has been set! The Save The Dates have been sent...The dress has been picked (those pictures you will have to wait for haha)...we are in full wedding planning mode and I am absolutely loving it...minus the checks we have to write haha! Besides my fiance being incredibley patient and wonderful during this often times overwhelming process...other key factors have made this process very stress free:

My family and my soon to be in-laws- they have been so supportive and excited about the entire process!

My wedding planners- I probably would be curled in a ball crying right now if it wasn't for them. They are having me check one item off at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. Not to mention they have impecable taste....look at the Save the Dates with matching stamps they helped me pick out! So so cute!!! They are from if you are looking for fabulous and reasonable invites.

Pinterest- I have basically picked everything from shoes to chandaliers thanks to pinterest! I have also found such creative ideas to incoporate- like chalkboards and the "L" letter pictured above. I saw on Pinterest that rather than having your family and friends sign a guest book- have them sign a huge wooden letter of your last name! This was designed by my friends at Reclaimed America...they have beautiful pieces for your home or event!

Now one of the things Matt and I are stuck on is the LATE NIGHT MENU! We wan't everyone to go to bed tipsy, sore from dancing, and with a belly full with something delicious! What better way to end the night than with our guests having one final bite before melting into bed?

So we need your help...

Poll: What FOOD TRUCK should Aly and Matt get for a late night snack?
photo credit: aly jacobs