Carrie Underwood is speaking out about women in country music. In a candid interview with Billboard, Carrie discussed her opinions on why women struggle to “make it” in country music.

According to Carrie, there are plenty of women in the genre, therefore quantity isn’t a concern. “There is certainly not a shortage of talented ladies out there that want so badly to get their fair shot in this business,” she said. “But there seems to be only room for only a few.”

 “I don’t think women can get away with the partying, beer-drinking, hung-over, truck-driving kind of music that a lot of the guys have gotten away with lately. It seems women are expected to be so much more than men, which means we have to work that much harder.”

“We’re the ones under the microscope,” she continued. “We’re expected to sound perfect. We’re expected to look perfect all the time. We’re expected to be style-setters, whereas the boys roll onto the stage in their jeans, T-shirts and baseball caps. I don’t know what we all can do to change this. But I do hope it does change. I would love to see more women making their mark in the music that I love so much . . . There are so many more out there just waiting for their shot. I hope they get it!”

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photo credit: getty images