No one wants to get hacked…so don’t do the following:

 1. Choose an easy password. 

2. Use the same password for all your important online accounts. 

3. Don’t surrender your cellphone number as a security measure. These days, websites like Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo often ask you to provide your cellphone number. They do that for three security reasons. First, if you forget your password or try to change it, they’ll send a new one to your phone for security.

4. When a bank or another company emails you to report a problem with your account, click the link and log in! Most of the time, those are fake emails.

5. When troubles arise, pay for help. No big-name website — Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon — ever charges money to give you technical support. (Yahoo, in fact, even has a toll-free help number for “I can’t get into my account” problems: 1-800-318-0612.)\


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photo credit: Aly