This weekend the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans. However, not everyone from the team is heading to "The Big Game".

PHOTO: Help us get Courtney to Super Bowl Facebook Page

Courtney Lenz has been with the Ravens cheerleading squad for 5 years. She planned to retire this year. It looks like retirement has come early for her. Courtney was not invited to join the squad in New Orleans. Out of the 60 member team, only 32 cheerleaders were selected to join the team. Courtney didn't make the cut.

Courtney claims the team was not happy with her announcement that she would be retiring. She also says she was benched this season because she gained weight (1.8 pounds).

Fans of Courtney have set up a petition online and a Facebook page to get Courtney to The Super Bowl.


Courtney told Boxer her story