You've probably seen this . . . and personally experienced it . . . but there's a "freshman 15" for new relationships.

According to a new study, in the first year of a new relationship, the average woman GAINS SEVEN POUNDS.  Meanwhile, just to make that sting worse, the average man LOSES FOUR POUNDS.

Why?  It could be that you both start eating most of your meals together, and adjust your usual portions so you meet in the middle . . . so women start eating MORE than they're used to, and men start eating LESS than they're used to.

Of the women in the study, the majority blamed their weight gain on their boyfriend's bad diet.  The majority of men credited their weight loss to their girlfriend's healthier diet.

Women also said a lot of the eating happens after arguments.  Men were much less likely to say they'd "comfort eat" after a fight. 


photo credit: getty images