Turn Hungry into Hope this Thanksgiving Holiday with Central Union Mission!

Central Union Mission

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Turn Hungry into Hope this Thanksgiving Holiday

The COVID-19 shutdown has cost countless jobs in DC and many families who never struggled to feed their children before are now going hungry. It’s also caused Central Union Mission to adjust how they serve meals and provide care to the most vulnerable citizens! The need for emergency groceries and other referrals are up 50% at Central Union Mission. No one, including families who are now at or below the poverty line, should go hungry... especially at Thanksgiving time. This is the time for neighbors to take care of neighbors and turn Hunger into Hope.

Every $25 you give today will provide a bag stuffed with enough groceries to provide 12 meals to a family in need this Thanksgiving season. Grocery bags include items like turkey, canned goods, instant mashed potatoes, PPE, and more!

  • $25 will provide a bag of groceries to one family
  • $100 will provide 4 bags of groceries (provides two weeks of meals for a family)
  • $250 will provide 10 bags of groceries
  • $500 will provide 20 bags of groceries
  • $1000 will provide 40 bags of groceries

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