8-Year-Old Drives Little Sister to McDonald's


An 8-year-old boy in Ohio got a late night craving for McDonald's but had no one to take him...so he turned to the internet for help! After searching videos on how to drive a car on YouTube, he and his 4-year-old sister buckled up in the driver and passenger's seats of their parents' car and headed off to Mickey D's!

The parents were asleep so that is why the kids were left to fend for themselves with their McDonald's craving. While the driver was still 8 years shy of the legal driving limit, he obeyed all traffic regulations and made it to the popular fast food restaurant without hitting anything.

Police were informed of the situation by a friend of the family who just happened to be in McDonald's at the same time as the kids. The 8-year-old paid for their meals using money from his piggy bank and they ate their food in the amount of time it took for their grandparents to come pick them up.

No charges have been pressed. 

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