Woman Lost in Woods Credits Carrie Underwood for Helping Her Survive


A woman from Union Gap, Washington went missing in the woods for eight days after being separated from a friend following a motorcycle crash and credits the first #1 single from Carrie Underwood to be the reason why she persisted through and was found OK.

Kaylean Johnson spent over a week in the treacherous environment with no food or shelter and told a local news station that being a person of faith, she relied on singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood to help her through the toughest times. 

"The song, I sing it in my heart all the time...I sung that song the night I went missing and when I got home it came on the radio"

Kaylean was found by two trail volunteers in a ditch yelling for help and was brought to safety. Read the full story HERE.



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