Girl Tricks Her Friends w/ a Fake Starbucks Drink & They 100% Believed Her

Photo: Getty

A 17-year-old girl named Laylah has taken Twitter by storm because she has convinced her friends that a "frappajappajooza" is in fact a real item on Starbucks' hidden menu   


In reality, Laylah was just trying to keep her gatorade cold so she poured it into an old Starbucks cup with ice and she told Buzzfeed that "the color looked cute, so I posted it on my Snapchat" and that was when the fun began.

Granted Starbucks has a reputation for putting out unique drinks *cough* the Unicorn Frappuccino *cough* but we've never heard of something so crazy as the "frappajappajooza".....but people fell for it.


So as a disclaimer, don't go asking for the frappajappajooza at Starbucks, because it does not exist.

Photo: Getty Images



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