Lee Brice's Wife Sara reveals Lee's ONE FLAW. Find out What it is and WIN!

The back story on how Lee met his wife is very romantic. Lee say's he was walking on the beach on vacation in North Myrtle Beach 17 years ago! Lee described the moment they met with THE BOOT. "We met in a storybook way. I was walking on North Myrtle Beach one night, when I was there on vacation. I was around 18 years old, and it was just me and a few buddies, and we were looking for girls. It was raining and dark, so no one was on the beach, and then this girl walks by in this big ole sweatshirt, and you can’t tell if she’s attractive or not. Just as she walked by, the light hit her just right and I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous.’ So I said to my buddies, ‘If she turns around, I’m going to go walk back to her.’ I looked back and the next thing I know, she’s turned around, so I went after her. We sat down on the beach and talked, then I went and got my guitar and played songs for her on beach."

Sara recently revealed ON FLAW that Lee is famous for in a conversation on Bobby Bones. Watch the video below and find out what it is. 

When you know the secret, call me at 800-505-0098 and I could invite you in to see Lee perform in our Southwest Soundstage this Thursday!



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