Luke Combs Was Standing On the Stage When Gunshots Began


Luke Combs was hanging out in a VIP section at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when he, his manager and Jake Owen decided to make their way to the main stage to watch Jason Aldean close out the weekend-long festival in Las Vegas. During the set, he made his way to the catering tent and it is there he stood when he realized the severity of the situation.


Luke called into the Today Show to recall the series of events that occurred in Vegas saying he was standing on the side stage when "[w]e heard the first 4 shots kind of ring out, but doing music for a living you deal with pyrotechnics a lot on stage and so nobody on the stage really even batted an eye at the first 4 shots because it just seemed part of the show.'

Luke continued on saying that after the initial shots, he became more wary that the situation had become more dangerous than some pyrotechnics difficulties.

After realizing that it was gunfire and not technical difficulties, he and his crew took off for safety in their tour bus, which was across the street.

 "It was definitely a scary situation. I'm obviously thankful to be hear and my thoughts go out with everybody else."

Listen to the full clip below:



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