Chris Stapleton To Be Featured On New Justin Timberlake Album


Yes, you read that right. Chris Stapleton is set to be featured on Justin Timberlake's highly anticipated upcoming album.

And it's sure to be music to our ears.


With the newly released 16-song tracktlist for Man Of The Woods, it looks like Chris will be featured on a track called "Say Something," which comes in at number 9 just under a predicted duet with Alicia Keys.


While this obviously sounds like a DREAM collaboration, it won't be the first time that we've heard these soulful voices together! Remember back in 2015 when JT joined Chris and his wife, Morgane, at the CMAs for this smooth duet of "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Drink You Away"?


Or how about that time when Chris joined JT during his Pilgrimage Festival set?


Man of the Woods will be released on Feb. 2, just two days before JT's halftime performance at the Super Bowl.



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