Dierks Bentley Heads To 'The Mountain' For Next Album


After a flood of cryptic posts on Dierks' social media accounts had fans puzzled, we now know that he is heading back to nature for his next album.

The Mountain will be the name of Dierks' newest album and while we don't have a release date yet, we know that we can expect it at some point this year. Fans can start pre-ordering the new set of tracks now and get the "key to the mountain" for exclusive content.


"Every record needs to be different. It needs to stand up on its own," Dierks said in an interview about The Mountain

Now remember when Dierks went undercover this summer opening up for himself this past summer on his 'What The Hell' tour as part of the Up On The Ridge string band? Maybe we'll hear some bluegrass inspiration on his new album?!


Dierks announced on Facebook Live that the first single will be out January 17 and is called "Woman Amen" AND that he is for sure hitting the road this summer! While he couldn't say who will be touring with him, he did say that there will be 2 acts and that he picked them not only because he thought they would put on a great show, but because he genuinely wants to spend time with these people on the road.



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