Meet The Newest Washington Redskins Quarterback


Could this be the end of the Kirk Cousins era in Washington D.C.?

Ian Rapoport, National Insider for NFL Network, was the first to report that QB Alex Smith of the Kansas City Cheifs has been traded to the Washington Redskins.


Sources say that Smith, a 13-year veteran, was traded for a third-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft as well as another Redskins player, who has yet to be named. Smith is reported to have been offered $71 million over the course of the next 5 years (as he has one year left remaining within his Kansas City contract)


For the past 5 seasons, Smith led Kansas City to a 50-26 record, completing 65% of his passes and 4 playoff appearances. Prior, he spent 7 seasons with the San Francisco '49ers.

So what does this mean for #8, Kirk Cousins? Cousins will be a free agent this year, meaning his contract with the Redskins has expired and he is now available to any NFL team. If he does not renew with Washington, reoccurring possibilities for the Redskins' 4th leading passer include the Denver Broncos and New York Jets.


While Cousins decides what team he will land on for the 2018 season, here is what Skins fans expect come September.



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