Angry Orchard Releases New Rosé Cider & It Looks Like A Spring Must-Have

Spring has sprung in the orchard! 

Angry Orchard has released their new year-round rosé cider and we need to try it ASAP. 

According to Angry Orchard's website, their new rosé cider is created from six different types of apples "adding an irresistible rosy blush and apple-forward taste with a refreshing, dry finish." YUM 😋

People are already flocking to the stores to give this new release a try to see if it lives up to their rosé colored dreams. Bustle has already given it a try and they said that it tastes like "wine, apple juice, and a flower had a baby."

Are you looking to try it as much as we are?! Thankfully you're in luck in the DMV because some carriers already have the 6-packs in stock! Check out their Cider Finder to find one near you here.

Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar To Return To D.C. 🌸
Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar To Return To D.C. 🌸
Because what better way to celebrate the cherry blossoms than with themed cocktails & a 10 foot Godzilla?

Apples are to cider what grapes are to wine. We choose from 6,000 apple varieties—each with unique characteristics—to create a complex balance of flavors in each cider. 🍎

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