DMV Taco Bell Approved To Serve Boozy Baja Blast Freezes + More!


Late night Taco Bell runs are always great...but they'll be getting an upgrade.

The Alexandria City Council unanimously agreed on opening a Taco Bell Cantina in Old Town Alexandria, which is an elevated version of your typical Taco Bell. The Cantina will serve beer, wine and "twisted freezes,"...aka your choice of spiking one of their traditional slush drinks with rum, tequila or vodka.


Unlike your standard Taco Bell, the Cantina will not have a drive-through as to not promote drunk-driving and is expected to have patio seating in addition to the 52-person capacity inside, according to the Washington Business Journal.

There are other Taco Bell Cantinas open across the country, but not many of them. Currently they are looking to open upwards of 350 additional locations by 2022.


The Taco Bell Cantina will be located at 417 King Street with operational hours of 7AM-2AM and an exact timeline of when we can expect to try a vodka-infused Baja Blast is currently unknown.

There are only 12 Taco Bell Cantinas currently open in the United States and 3 projected to be opening, including ours in the DMV. The stop in Old Town Alexandria looks to be the only one in the area for the time being with the next closest one being in New York City. Aside from those, the only other ones on the east coast are in Florida.



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