It's Brett Eldredge's Birthday AND National Puppy Day


Today (March 23) is Brett Eldredge's 32nd birthday AND National Puppy naturally we felt the need to celebrate! We're taking a look back at all of the good times that and his now-famous pup Edgar Boogie have had together and we promise there will be plenty of "awwww" moments!

To start us off, here's the first time we met Edgar aka Brett's official partner in crime.


Edgar was quickly brought into the limelight to make his on-stage debut! But not without a good breakfast, workout and some pre-show prep.


Not too long after, Edgar quickly got himself into a bit of trouble 😬 Poor little guy broke his toe but he was well equipped with his musically inspired cast (and a hug from dad).


Being from Illinois, Brett is a HUGE fan of the Chicago Cubs! So when they were on their path to the World Series it was only right that he and Edgar were dressed for the part. You know what they say, like father like pup...right?


Like we mentioned, today is National Puppy Day and Brett's birthday, so naturally he has to celebrate big. Like dance party in a kitchen big while wearing a suit big.


Graduation in anyone's life is usually a pretty big day and Edgar's was no different! Brett was out of the country for a bit of time but was sure to make it back for his graduation from doggy school! WHAT A GOOD BOY.


And then Brett posted a sweet walk down memory lane in order to celebrate Edgar's birthday!


Bring a famous country dog obviously has some of it's perks, but you can't forget the quality time at home doing your everyday things like the always favorite...taking a bath.


Obviously Brett loves Edgar and its pretty clear that Edgar is Brett's number 1 fan too! Brett released his self-titled album last year and it's such a good album that Edgar decided to not turn one of the first hard copies of it into a chew toy.

CMA Fest Has Revealed Their 2018 Lineup
CMA Fest Has Revealed Their 2018 Lineup
The festival of all country festivals has been announced the lineup for this year 👀

Who said red-carpet events are only for humans? The guys were looking pretty dapper at the CMA Awards!


And sure they've lived life on a tour bus...but how about a road trip in a packed van like the Griswolds? Consider it conquered.


And that brings us to today where Brett is currently on tour with Blake Shelton on the Country Music Freaks Tour with Carly Pearce, Trace Adkins and of course...EDGAR! From us to you, happy birthday Brett and Happy National Puppy Day to Edgar!



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