Boil Water Advisory In Affect For Sections Of DC

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A valve at the Bryant Street Pumping Station was opened at approx. 11PM last night (Thursday, July 12) and has since resulted in nearly half of Washington D.C. potentially being exposed to contaminated water within their homes and businesses.


DC Water advised the following areas that they are within the affected green zone of the map and that they should boil their water for the time being as a precautionary measure:

  • The north is bounded by Western Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue to Nebraska Avenue to Military Rd to Missouri to New Hampshire Avenue.
  • To the east by Eastern Avenue
  • To the South by New York Ave to K St to Whitehurst Freeway, and
  • To the west by Canal Road to the Clara Barton Pkwy.

After boiling the water, customers should allow the water to cool and then store it for all consumption purposes such as drinking, brushing teeth, meal preparation, creating ice, preparing infant formula and giving water to pets. Showering is safe as long as the water is not swallowed.

DC Water expects this to last for up to 48 hours and will be updating their Twitter account with the latest information.


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