Mitchell Tenpenny Reveals To WMZQ What Touring With His Brother Is Like


Drunk us (and sober us) can't get over Mitchell Tenpenny

The "Drunk Me" singer brought his Telling All My Secrets Album Release Tour to the Fillmore Silver Spring on Jan. 12 and Corey got to catch up with him backstage before the sold-out show! They talked about everything from Mitchell's first big purchase since his debut single topped the charts, what it's like touring with his brother (and what one of their biggest arguments is!) and even dropped some exclusive WMZQ-only information at the end of the interview 👀


In addition, when asked what he's been listening to recently, Mitchell revealed that it is none other than his current tour mates, rising artist Seaforth!

"Honestly dude, we've been listening to Seaforth a lot, I love that record...they're incredible and I've just been really digging what they're doing in the studio. It's gonna be a big year for them," Mitchell told Corey. So you heard it here first from our former On The Verge artist!


After the interview, we let Mitchell get to his packed Silver Spring crowd! The audience knew every word to every song from his debut album...and even beat him to the punch during his epic finale of "Drunk Me."

We had a great time at the Fillmore with the M10Penny crowd and alcohol us later when you're back in the DMV area, Mitchell! 



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