DC Blossom Bus Returns & Mayor Announces That Circulator Bus Is Now Free!


There's been quite a bit of news regarding the DC Circulator bus this week!

On Sunday, the Blossom Bus made its return to the streets of DC to celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival and to keep with this year's theme of "Spring Blossoms Here," it has "inspiration blossoms here" printed on its side. Out of the 72 Circulators in the fleet, there is only one pink bus (above) and you can track it here! The cherry blossom themed bus will only be on the streets until Friday, April 12. DC Circulator also wants to remind you to "[c]onsider the Blossom Bus a spring-themed art gallery on wheels, serving as a reminder that DC Circulator is your ONLY public transportation option to the cherry trees."

Not even two days after the bus made its 2019 debut, Mayor Bowser announced in her State of the District address that the Circulator would be free to ride from here on out.


A ride on the Circulator previously cost just $1 but after being free for the month of February to support the "Fair Shot" February initiative, Mayor Bowser said "[o]ver the past weeks, workers...have stopped me at the checkout counters, at dinner, telling me how much they appreciate the Circulator being free" according to a report from WJLA.


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